Analyzing the
Business and Technology
of Stem Cells

Is 2013 the Beginning of the End For Stem Cells?
This is shaping up to be both the best of years and the worst of years for U.S. stem cell therapeutic companies, with pioneering efforts finally running out of steam or throwing in the towel even as new initiatives rise up to take their places

A First Look at Fate Therapeutics
A fresh idea for the stem cell therapeutics industry, but not without fresh risks.

The New Kid In Town: A First Look at Capricor Inc.'s Business Fundamentals
Can Capricor's proposed reverse merger see its cardiac stem cell product across the finish line?

Fifteen Years, 60 Companies, 196 Trials (A Continuing Series)
A quantitative analysis of U.S.-registered commercial stem cell clinical trials: Where we've been, and where we're going.
Part I: Introduction
Part II: Cell Types & Indications (Cardiovascular)
Part III: Cell Types & Indications (CNS)
Part IV: Database Viewer
Appendix A: Cell Type Nomenclature

Caveat Emptor, or Cave Canem?
Reputable stem cell companies build value by striving to deliver lifesaving therapies to the clinic, while some others just pump out press releases.

Counting Coup: Is Osiris Losing Faith in Prochymal?
With no indications on the horizon for Prochymal to improve the bottom line, and the company's ongoing search for a new partner still unrequited, is Osiris losing interest?

ThermoGenesis, TotipotentRx, and Cesca Therapeutics: A Disappointing 'Gemisch'
The coming merger of SCSI component ThermoGenesis Corp. with little-known TotipotentRx doesn't bode well for investors, patients, or the industry.

The Next Stem Cell Controversy: Pricing
Osiris proposes a six-figure price tag for Prochymal, creating a precedent sure to draw fire

Cellular Dynamics' Swing for the Fences: A New Stem Cell IPO?
The young biotechnology tools company's proposed initial public offering leaves more questions than answers.

Introducing the SCSI Clinical Trials Monitor: A Powerful New Current Awareness Tool
Our automated, rules-based analysis system provides new insight into the progress of stem cell clinical trials

Can NeoStem Still Make It Across the Finish Line?
With access to capital becoming increasingly expensive and its only clinical trial in danger of running late, is NeoStem running out of steam?

Are Stem Cell Stocks Finally Coming of Age?
What it takes to get a seat at the grownups' table.

Aastrom's Perfect Storm
How Aastrom came to nearly self-destruct. A cautionary tale.

Born Free? Stem Cell Researchers Saying "No Thanks"
A recent ISCT survey of MSC investigators has sobering news for serum-free media vendors