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StemCells Acquires Neural Stem Cell Patents On the Cheap
Oct 29, 2013
StemCells (STEM) announced it acquired the Weiss/Reynolds neural stem cell patents (that it had previously licensed from the Univ. of Calgary) for a surprising 140,000 STEM shares (about $200K). StemCells and Neuralstem are embroiled in lawsuits regarding the patents' claims.
StemCells Reviews Four-Year Followup of Batten Disease Trial
Oct 21, 2013
StemCells (STEM) announced the results of a four-year followup of 6 patients treated with its HuCNS-SC cells in its Phase 1 trial for neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis. No safety issues were reported, "but the clinical outcomes were generally consistent with the expected course of impairment associated with this neurodegenerative disease."
StemCells To Present Spinal Cord Injury Trial Interim Results
Oct 17, 2013
With 7 of a planned 12 patients now treated, StemCells (STEM) collaborator Raphael Guzman will discuss interim results from the company's spinal cord injury trial of its HuCNS-SC cells the afternoon of Oct. 23rd at the Congress of Neurological Surgeons Annual Meeting.
StemCells Discounts New Share Offering
Oct 2, 2013
In an SEC document filed today, StemCells (STEM) announced its intention to sell an unspecified number of new shares plus warrants at a price of $1.45, a significant discount over yesterday's closing price of $1.68.
SCSI component companies to feel sequester's pinch
May 10, 2013
The U.S. National Institutes of Health announced a $1.6 billion sequester-induced budget cut. SCSI companies currently receiving NIH grant funding (Athersys, BioTime and NeoStem) will not receive annual inflation increases. Companies such as StemCells that sell research reagents may feel the most pain as fewer and smaller research grants are awarded nationwide.
StemCells (STEM) reaches agreement with CIRM for $20M loan for Alzheimer's program
Apr 11, 2013
StemCells (STEM) announced agreement with CIRM on the terms of a $20M interest-bearing forgivable loan for its Alzheimer's program. Terms include financial covenants and milestones, but no issuance of warrants.
BREAKING: StemCells Inc. (STEM) loses $20M CIRM award
Mar 22, 2013
In its just-published SEC annual report filing (p. 11), StemCells (STEM) quietly notes it has "elected not to" accept one of two controversial $20M CIRM awards made last year to advance the company's spinal cord injury program.
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