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What's Happening Now is a quick, thoughtful, real-time briefing regarding material events in the stem cell industry...definitely not the usual stream of insignificant press releases. The most current Happenings are boxed on the left-hand side of most pages on this site. Feel free to use this page to explore the archive of all past Happening items, and subscribe to the RSS feed to stay on top of the events that move the market and the industry.


International Stem Cell deeply discounts new offering, shares crater
Jul 19, 2013
International Stem Cell (ISCO) announced a new share-plus-warrant offering priced 40% below yesterday's closing. By mid-day ISCO was down 41%.
International Stem Cell (ISCO) Under a Cloud
Mar 26, 2013
International Stem Cell's (ISCO) FY12 annual report reveals that for the second year in a row it has received a 'going concern' warning from its independent accounting firm. Cash at year-end was at a recent record low, just $600K.
International Stem Cell (ISCO) Data Disappoints Investors
Mar 22, 2013
In a telephone conference call today, International Stem Cell (ISCO) discussed results from its Parkinson's disease program. Just 1% of implanted cells differentiate into the required phenotype. Disappointed investors drove ISCO shares down 14% for the day.
International Stem Cell (ISCO) Publication Sends Shares Up
Mar 15, 2013
A publication today by International Stem Cell (ISCO) scientists claims "a practical approach" for producing dopaminergic neurons from its parthenogenetic stem cells. The authors suggest these may be "of sufficient quality to be used to treat Parkinson's disease." ISCO shares closed up 9.4% on heavy volume.
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