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Who Is Cytori's new partner, Lorem Vascular?
Nov 5, 2013
Cytori's (CYTX) new Asian licensee, Lorem Vascular's, domain name, loremvascular.com, was registered just two weeks ago by Kory Koske of El Cajon, CA, the creative director at Cytori.
Cytori Soars on News of Asia Deal
Nov 5, 2013
Cytori's (CYTX) shares were up over 60% on news of a deal with China's Lorem Vascular. Lorem will exclusively license the Celution System for a broad range of medical indications in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. The deal involves upfront payments to Cytori of $14 million, plus contingent payments and royalties that could reach $500 million over 30 years.
Cytori's ADVANCE Trial Update Reveals Chronic Recruiting Problem
Oct 8, 2013
Cytori's (CYTX) latest update to the ClinicalTrials.gov record of its now abandoned ADVANCE trial for myocardial infarction reveals that just 23 patients (of an original goal of 360) were recruited to the trial in over 2 years of effort, validating the Nov. 2012 red flag (for insufficient progress) given this trial by our Clinical Trials Monitor, when CYTX shares were 55% higher than today.
Cytori To Terminate European Heart Attack Trial
Aug 12, 2013
In its quarterly business update, Cytori (CYTX) announced it will terminate its European heart attack trial, ADVANCE. The news validates the red-flag downgrade our Clinical Trials Monitor assigned this trial as of late 2012.
Cytori Sells Off PureGraft Product Line
Jul 31, 2013
Cytori Therapeutics (CYTX) announced the sale of its Puregraft product line ("designed to streamline the fat graft preparation process by selectively washing and filtering the tissue") to start-up Bimini Technologies, founded by Cytori alumni, for $5M upfront plus milestone payments. The transaction frees Cytori to focus exclusively on stem cells.
Cytori goes it alone
May 10, 2013
In its quarterly results release today Cytori revealed it is buying out its joint venture partner, Olympus. The company reports less than a year of cash on hand.
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