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More Trial Tribulations for Neuralstem
Jan 7, 2014
Without public discussion, Neuralstem (CUR) extended the completion date of its Phase 1 spinal cord injury clinical trial by 2+ years, earning a rare red-flag downgrade from our Monitor. This follows on the heels of a downgrade for its Phase 2 ALS trial in December.
Mixed Signals and a Downgrade for Neuralstem Phase 2 ALS Trial
Dec 6, 2013
NeuralStem's (CUR) CEO claims a six-month follow-up period for patients in its Phase 2 ALS trial, but the trial's record states 24 months. Either way, with the first patient treated in September and recruiting still underway, the trial's anticipated primary completion date (2/2014) is unfeasible. That, plus sites' status change from "active, not recruiting" back to "recruiting," leads our Monitor to downgrade the trial from green- to yellow-flag status.
Neuralstem (CUR) gets FDA nod to initiate Phase 2 trial
Apr 17, 2013
Neuralstem (CUR) announced it received FDA approval to initiate its Phase 2 trial of spinal cord-derived stem cells in ALS. The 15 patient escalating dose trial will test doses up to 16 million cells.
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