7. Exit Strategy & Execution

Founders and investors want (and deserve) a big payday sooner rather than later, but an IPO may or may not realistically be in the cards. In the rare event that it might be, how do you best position the company and its technology and products to catch that wave? And in the more likely event that it isn’t, what’s the best way forward to attract the right acquirer at the peak of your company’s value, and to extract the best possible deal?

Busa Consulting has long experience turning promising opportunities into successful exits in the biotech tools industry. We work with executive leadership, Boards, investors, investment bankers, and prospective acquirers to help architect win/win exit strategies, and then to make them happen through assistance in drafting the Investment Memorandum and crafting and conducting management presentations. With our breadth of experience, our thick rolodex, our deep insight into customer needs, and our unique ability to fully understand and communicate both the technology and the business sides of the equation, we are uniquely qualified to assist you in turning your exit strategy into reality.