6. Technology Positioning Strategy

A surprisingly common phenomenon in the biotech tools industry is the ‘solution in search of a problem’ -- either the market for which the technology was assumed to be a ‘killer app’ just doesn’t pan out, or else it presents a dozen different opportunities, only one of which can be pursued effectively given existing resources. Management team members may have widely divergent and conflicting views regarding the best way forward, sometimes unconsciously colored by their own personal considerations or their unexamined assumptions. With no dog in the fight, and with deep insight into biotech tools customers’ unmet needs, Busa Consulting offers impartial assessment of the technology’s risk/reward ratios for every possible market opportunity, and frequently identifies other, even better, opportunities than those which management has already considered.

Unlike other management consulting firms, our unique combination of business and technical expertise enables us to advise not merely why a particular product strategy for your technology is desirable, but likewise how to get there through R&D, validation, and commercialization. And our Interim Management Services can help you achieve a quick start once your decision is made.

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