5. Advice to Investors & Boards

Prospective investors and serving Board members alike are often operating outside their domain of expertise when assessing a young company’s prospects and options in the biotech tools space. Is the new technology really as robust as it is claimed to be, or will the pre-revenue R&D phase drag on for years? Are the resources and time-line required to commercialize the new technology fully understood and realistic, or will unanticipated further rounds of dilutive fundraising prove necessary? Is there really significant pent-up customer demand which will translate into rapid revenue growth, or will gaining a toe-hold in the market be a hard slog? Entrepreneurs may be overly optimistic regarding these life-and-death issues. Busa Consulting provides prospective investors and current Board members with a disinterested third-party assessment of a start-up’s prospects and way forward, grounded on decades of successful and diverse experience in the biotech tools marketplace, and augments this with actionable recommendations for improving the odds of enjoying a healthy return on investment.

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