4. Interim Management Services

A scientific founder or CSO with little or no previous commercial experience may excel at developing the fundamental technology, while finding himself in over his head with respect to delivering the technology to market and gaining mind-share among thought-leaders and prospective customers. An unanticipated executive departure can leave you scrambling at an awkward moment in your venture's growth. An unforeseen new opportunity may require you to quickly build new expertise within your management team. Adding yet another permanent executive to your organization to fill this gap is often financially unfeasible. Busa Consulting specializes in providing cost-effective interim product development, project management, and strategic and scientific support to Sales & Marketing. With decades of experience in biotech tools technologies and markets we hit the ground running, typically delivering better results more economically, and much sooner, than a new hire possibly can. When your temporary need for these services passes on, so do we, leaving your organization unencumbered.

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