3. Start-Up Services & Advising

Even the most battle-hardened serial entrepreneur faces a gauntlet of complex issues early in the life of a new venture, the answers to which will affect the entire future course of the endeavor.

  • Funding the new venture: the right combination of sweat equity, friends-and-family, angel or VC investors, loans, research grants, SBIRs?
  • Which IP to in-license, under what terms?
  • How to assemble a lean, highly effective management team?
  • Building a right-sized, efficient and flexible R&D and production infrastructure?
  • Establishing productive relationships with influential thought-leaders and filtering their often conflicting advice?
  • Erecting unassailable barriers to entry via a strategic yet cost-effective IP strategy?
  • Forging strategic relationships with the right early-adopters...and then delighting them?
  • Signing up distributors who will actually deliver?

From long experience assisting dozens of biotech tools start-ups, Busa Consulting understands the trade-offs, the gotchas, the unintended consequences, the realities and the promise underlying each of the choices you face, and can help you find the best way forward the first time around.

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