2. Why Busa Consulting?

Unlike the overpaid and under-performing ‘Top Tier’ management consulting firms with their constant turnover of inexperienced MBAs and one-size-fits-all approach, Busa Consulting’s founder, Dr. Busa, has successfully piloted the rocks and shoals of the biotech tools marketplace for decades. And unlike the lone executive temporarily between real jobs, we’re not just passing through the consulting game...this is our profession, so we make a point of achieving success for our clients. If your management consultant needs you to explain your market, your technology, and your opportunity to them, you’re working with the wrong team.

Please explore the links at right to learn more about the services we provide exclusively to the biotechnology tools industry, including:

  • Start-Up Services & Advising
  • Interim Management Services
  • Investor & Board Advising
  • Technology Positioning Strategy
  • Exit Strategy & Execution

For a few issues outside of our own expertise – such as sales, marketing, surveys, and some operations issues – we maintain trusted relationships with other top biotech consultants to meet all of your needs seamlessly.

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